Lake Granbury Vikings


We tie a lot for some reason?



Team Captains:

Keeper Marquardt: 2007 - 2013, 2015  (19-17-4 .523)
Derek Fleishman: 2014 (1-2 .333)

All-time Record (combined):

(19-17-4  .523)



The Vikings were one of the teams which competed in the inaugural 4th of July Tourney back in 2007.  They've been captained by one of the  "first five", Christopher "Keeper" Marquardt every year except one, 2014. 


The Vikings placed 3rd in the 2007 Patriot Series and been as strong of a club as any over the years.  Often playing close games the Vikings hold the Patriot Series record for most tie games with 4.

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