The Patriot Series boasts two fine wiffleball venues, STIHL Stadium and Bottle Rocket Alley.  Each field plays quite differently, STIHL Stadium offering a slight advantage to teams with strong pitching and defense, and Bottle Rocket Alley offering a hefty advantage to power hitting teams.  Click for more information.


STIHL Stadium Layout

Stihl Stadium

Opened: 2004

Left Field: 64' 
Left-Center: 65' 
Centerfield: 95' 
Right-Center: 85' 
Right Field: 68' 

Backdrop: Porch/Deck (left field), American flag, press box, volleyball court, (centerfield), covered BBQ cooker, pond (right field)

Nuances: Scoreboard (centerfield), sound-system (right/left field, stadium lighting, 13 star colonial American flag, hit-it-here sign (centerfield)

Bottle Rocket Alley Layout

Bottle Rocket Alley

Opened: 2011

Left Field: 62' 
Left-Center: 118' 
Centerfield: 86' 
Right-Center: 60' 
Right Field: 56' 

Backdrop: Two story copper roofed house (left field)

Nuances: Very deep left centerfield gap, shallow to right field often with a breeze causing many home runs

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