2012 "Ro-Cham-Beau" Controversy

In their first meeting in the quarter-finals of the winner's bracket, late in the tournament, Cpt. Tyler Ervine's team took a commanding lead early the 1st and 2nd innings. Going into the top of the 3rd and final inning they led 10-2 and seemed poised to march on into the semis. Horton's Ironbirds, however, were able to charge back at one point hitting 4 home runs in 5 at bats knotting the score at ten with 1 out. A contraversial call at 2nd base left the two umpires of the game in disagreement and because of the Commissioner's involvement in the game it was left to Vice-Commissioner Max Smith, who, let it be noted, was in the bathroom at the time of the play, to make the call. The impass led to a rock-paper-scissors match to determine the call. Ervine's team came away with the winning hand stopping the Ironbirds' rally in the 3rd. Going into the bottom of the inning Derek Fleischman hit the first pitch he saw deep onto the house ending the game 11-10.

#PatriotSeries #2012 #RoChamBeau

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