Patriot Series 2011 Just One Week Away!!

The time is almost here for Patriot Series 2011. This will be the 5th annual 4th of July classic (on the 2nd this year). The Lake Side Wiffleball Park at Granbury will attempt to have as large if not a bigger field than last years 12 teams. For the 2011 classic a new field will be unveiled on the south end of the property. The new field promises to allow the tournament to flow faster, hopefully causing the attrition rate of players leaving early to diminish significantly. The new south field (name to be determined) promises to shake things up a bit as far as gameplay will be concerned, an extremely short porch down the left field line could cause balls to fly out of the park in the event that the wind doesn't blow in off the lake as it traditionally does. As for left handed hitters the possible lack of wind could cause homeruns to right field to be scarce as the right field fence is about the same distance as Stihl Stadium. The captains slated in for this year’s series are: Paul Horton - Fort Worth Ironbirds Max Smith - North Texas Tribe Ross Pinkerton - Granbury Inmates Alex Thornton - Team Alex Adam Horton - Air Ducks Andrew Cooper - Team Cooper Eric Horton - The Old Guys (south) Garrett Morris - Tuesday Taco Keeper Marquardt - Marquardt Crew Chris Sullivan - Rockets And there are likely more to be added in the near future... The 2011 edition of the Patriot Series promises to be a classic as the field is set for the most competitive and largest tournament to date.

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