Patriot Series 2011 Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the Patriot Series '11 champions: Fort Worth Ironbirds - Captain: Paul Horton Paul Horton Braxton Feist The 2011 Patriot Series was the first LSWA tournament to feature the use of two fields in order to increase the number of pool play games played. The pool play round in 2011 was extended from 2 games to 4 allowing for a guarentee of a minimum of 6 games to be played by every team. Paul Horton came into the tournament with the last pick in the draft this year but was able to aquire two talented players due to bad picks before him and a little luck. The Ironbirds were carried by their power and clutch hitting at the plate allowing them to go undefeated throughout the 2011 Patriot series. This was commissioner Paul Horton's second trip to the Patriot Series championship game and his first tournament victory.

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