Up to the present day there have been nine Fourth of July Classics. Dubbed the Patriot Series in 2008 the tournament has ranged anywhere from 6 to 18 teams. The tournament's field, STIHL Stadium, was born around 2004 when an orange mesh fence was set up in the yard for wiffleball play during a Fourth of July party. No official tournament was played until two years later, in 2006, when a white plywood wall was put up in position very near to where the green one exists today. During that original tournament, five teams were fielded by the "First Five" captains, Paul Horton, Max Smith, Andrew Cooper, Ross Pinkerton, and Christopher Marquardt. The outcome of this first tournament was indecisive due to the fact that the field had no lighting and most participants left after nightfall. 

The next year, 2007, a major addition was introduced to STIHL Stadium. Lights. Lights allowed play to last much longer into the night and for a true champion to be decided. In 2007 the first champions were crowned, Team Cooper, consisting of Andrew Cooper (c), Andrew Neathery, Nathan U., and Kevin Conrad*.

With the 2008 tournament came another addition. A press box and sound system were added in centerfield which allowed for a more exciting tournament experience. With this addition, the centerfield wall was deepened about 10'. 2008 was also the inaugural year of the Patriot Series trophy, Paul Reverie's Lantern. This with the addition of a permanent fencing for right field in early 2009 and center field in 2011, brought Stihl Field to its present configuration.

The 2011 tournament brought a number of other changes including a permanent centerfield flagpole.  The Patriot Series also opened its second field for tournament play, Bottle Rocket Alley.  Bottle Rocket Alley is a slightly smaller park which typically features a lot of offense.  The 2011 tournament also featured an extended pool play round of 4 games. 

In 2012 the pool play round was reduced back to 2 games and the garage (right centerfield wall) was painted green to match the permanent fences.

The third largest tournament to date was the 2014 Patriot Series which featured 16 teams.  In 2014, to deal with the large number of teams, the Patriot Series saw an overhaul of its tournament structure.  Since reaching 16 teams Patriot Series has adopted a World Cup style group and bracket system.  Group play typically opens with 4 groups of 4 to 5 teams, giving the top two teams in each group a seed in a single elimination bracket.

The 2015 tournament saw the addition of another team, bringing the total number to 17.  This tournament also saw the addition of team jerseys and permeant team names.


During the 2016 tournament, the Patriot Series expanded once again to 18 teams.  The tournament then jumped again to 22 teams in 2017 in the largest field to date.

Past Champions

2007 - Team Cooper 


2008 - Texas Storm (Minutemen)

2009 - Yellow Jackets (Bears)

2010 - The Neighbors

2011 - Ironbirds (The Ironsides)

2012 - Texas Storm (Minutemen)

2013 - Texas Storm (Minutemen)

2014 - Team Potter (Dragons)

2015 - Tribe

2016 - Pirates

2017 - Irrigators


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