The Founding Fathers


Don't sleep on the old guys.



Team Captains:

Eric Horton: 2009 - '14 (8-23-0  .258)

Russell Smith/Ross Snell: 2010 - '11 (0-11-1  .000)

All-time Record (combined):

8-34-1  .205




The Founding Fathers were established as a dad's team in 2009.  It was briefly split into two teams for the 2010 and 2011 tournaments.


As time has gone on the Founding Fathers have become more and more competitive in the Patriot Series as they've gained experience.  In 2014 they also bolstered their roster with former Patriot Series champion captain Ross Pinkerton helping them make it into the inaugural Round of 8 of the new format Patriot Series.


The most successful campaign to date for the Founding Fathers came in 2009 when they placed 4th under captain Eric Horton.

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